Seven Steps to a Firm Foundation in Yeshua

Seven Steps to a Firm Foundation in Yeshua

by Dr Yossie Meir

“Dr Yossie Meir has successfully provided a book, which helps the young believer to use Scripture in the God-ordained way: to teach, to reproof, to correct, and to instruct him in righteousness. By consistently combining doctrine with practical exercises, Dr. Meir offers a great teaching tool for mentors and small group Bible study leaders alike. Rather than forcing his own opinions on the new believer, he encourages him to think and reason for himself. The seven steps he challenges him to take examine such fundamental questions as, “What is the Bible?”, “Can we understand the character of God?”, “Who is Yeshua?”, “What is sin?”, “What happens at salvation?”, “How do we live in the power of the Holy Spirit?”, and “How do we live a balanced life in Yeshua?” Upon completing this Bible study, the reader will have a firm foundation for his faith. From it, he will be able to grow in maturity and become a useful and faithful servant of the living God.” — Dr Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

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