Our Mission

Our mission is, by God’s grace, to love God supremely and others sincerely by exalting God, equipping His church, and evangelising the lost.

Our Vision

A church where God is active and glorified, known for sowing the gospel resulting in people being saved, affecting community for Jesus Christ, building loving intergenerational relationships that please God, and transforming lives to be like Jesus Christ. This vision is further described in the following acronym SALT:

We see a church where its members are motivated and active in sharing their Christian faith; where new people are made to feel welcome irrespective of their culture and stage in their Christian journey; and where people are regularly coming to faith in Jesus Christ, being baptised and discipled in God’s Word.

We see a church that has a reputation in Rotorua of being relevant to people’s needs, and helping to improve people’s lives; of a church that provides compassionate service to those who are disadvantaged in society and actively fights against injustice.  A church that lives out the gospel in practical ways in the community that effectively communicates a Christian message.

We see a church where there are healthy marriages and parenting relationships, and where whole families are supported and can participate fully in the life of the church.  A church were people, young, old, single, and married feel connected and supported through rich, loving, godly relationships and relevant programmes.

We see a church who are motivated to grow spiritually; who regularly study and apply the Word of God to their lives, who talk about what they are learning when they meet together, and share testimonies of life change at Sunday services and Small Group meetings.  For one-to-one and small group relationships where everyone is being encouraged, supported, mentored and discipled so that they are growing to become more and more like Christ. 

The Foundations of this Mission & Vision at FPBC

These foundations are what we build upon to achieve our mission and vision. They are non-negotiable aspects of who we are as a church family and provide the solid base from which we can impact our community.

God is holy, righteous and just and we must all purpose in our hearts to be like Him. He is also loving and sovereign over all the affairs of life and so we must trust and depend on Him alone in life.

The Word of God has complete authority – it is written by the creator and accordingly is without error and informs us about all of life. As such, when correctly interpreted it is relevant to modern living.

Man is created in the very image of God, however we are fallen and depraved. As created beings we are dependant and relational and will either worship God or self. We desperately need God’s intervention in our lives!

Our ultimate purpose is to glorify God in all things and we do that most completely as we evangelise the lost and establish and equip believers into Christlike maturity.

Leaders need to be like Christ (including being biblically qualified) modelling servant leadership and equipping people to do the work of the ministry of the church. Leaders must be encouragers of people, helping them identify and use their gifts in church life, giving people a sense of ownership of ministry.

Family is God’s design from the beginning of creation and accordingly we place a high priority on building strong marriages and strong families.

Our Commitments

These are what you can expect to flow from the life and ministry of FPBC. These are the desires of our heart and they guide us in our practice and relationships.

A commitment to sound doctrine
A commitment to growing into Christlikeness through discipleship relationships
A commitment to prayer
A commitment to all-of-life worship to God
A commitment to excellence in our praise of God

A commitment to expository preaching
A commitment to equip the body to do the work of ministry in each stage from young to old
A commitment to care for and counsel one another
A commitment to leadership development

A commitment to evangelism 
A commitment to local and international missions that place a priority on the gospel



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